Lady in Brocade
5"x7" Watercolor, microns and gold gel pen

Traditional Artworks

Gillian Ivy dabbles in several traditional mediums, combining many techniques and styles she has learned to develop her own. Many of her paintings are mixed media, watercolor, acrylics, pens and more. Gillian incorporates other crafting skills she has taught herself. She has learned through numerous tutorials, online videos, watching several great artists and through her own trial and errors.

Gillian adds depth to her art with fine lined details and beautifully flowing lines. Her signature style, metallic gel pen upon a black background with flourishes and entwining strokes, embodies this. She pours herself into every line, her work filled with emotions and pain transformed into beauty. Drawing is like zen to her. Which is why Zentangles/doodles are so prevalent in her art. Labrinthine patterns and swirls, lines and intricate designs filling every nook of the page. They give her a sense of peace within herself and channel the stresses and pains of life into a world of color and dreams.

Her first love was art. Gillian loves to draw, paint and create in any and every way she possibly can.